Consignment Process

Learn about the quick process behind sending your donated media in for more money!

Our Process

Register Your Library  for an account

Begin by registering an account with us. During this time we will collect your organizations information and have you sign an agreement. Once your account is created we will send you your setup information so you can start scanning through your organizations media. 

We will directly email you more information regarding the set up process. Create a SKU specific to your organization, and set you up with a no-cost team member account with ScanGenie – the app that will help you identify which items to send us! 

Be sure to watch our videos and read the information to get the most out of your sales.

Now that you have the resources you need, whenever you have time, scan through your new inventory to find the gems worth selling on Amazon. This will be inventory that has a minimum profit threshold of $4.00 and sells frequently enough to be worth the effort of shipping, cleaning, and listing on Amazon. Yes, you read that right.. we will professionally clean and repair DVD and CD discs!

Don’t worry if this sounds confusing! The app you will download on your apple or android phone will take all of the guesswork out of scanning and simply give you a green SEND! or a red Don’t Send!

If the product comes up as a don’t send you can always continue to sell that product in your store and sell these items as you normally would.

Start Scanning your donated media

Fill a Box up to 45lbs and ship to us

Once you’ve filled a box, or two, or ten with all the SEND!able inventory you have scanned through you’ll simply need to tape it up and print a shipping label. You can schedule a package it up and ship it directly to our office.

Congratulations! At this point your work is done! From there we will clean, list, process, ship, and sell your inventory.

We will continually monitor your inventory on a daily basis to remain competitive with market prices and ensure faster sales at peak pricing.

Each month we run a report against all of the inventory you have sent us. Any product which has been successfully sold will be paid out on the 5th of the month. You’ll have the option to setup payments either directly via ACH deposit, PayPal Deposit, Venmo Deposit, or by check.

We’ve been at this for awhile and know all of the finite details of selling eCommerce products online. If you have any questions about this process please reach out to us and we’ll help you as best as possible.

Relax and Collect your maximized revenue

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