Bulk Media Program

If you deal with pallet loads of books and/or media your in the right place!


How Does It Work?

We offer 50-50 consignment rates on bulk media that we can receive by the gaylord. We take on the responsibility of cleaning, resurfacing, recasing, and when necessary polybagging your inventory. Inbound shipping fees to us are covered by us and reimbursed from the profit of sending your inventory to us. Inbound shipping fees to Amazon are reimbursed to us as well. All remaining profit after Amazon FBA fees is split 50-50. 

Answers To The Questions You Have

For our bulk program we accept inventory with a minimum FBA profit of $6 and up with a max average rank of 175k. We use Cash Monkey to scan our inventory and if you are a Cash Monkey customer too we can provide you with triggers. If you work with Neatoscan, Scoutly, or Scout IQ we can provide you with the triggers and you’ll need to set them up in your software. (If you’ve gotten this far and you don’t know what Cash Monkey, Neato Scan, Scoutly, or Scout IQ is your may want to reach out to us via our contact page for more information to see if the program is right for you.)

We will list, ship, and reprice your inventory using Cash Monkey. For media items we resurface, recase, and polybag when necessary. We have several Eco Pro machines and an Eco Master machine as well.

The entire process above is included as part of consigning your inventory. We do not charge any fees for the above. 

Currently we only sell FBA and use FBA profits as our triggers. We do not offer any MF services at this time. 

Buyback is offered only on BluRays that do not meet our specified triggers. We are currently purchasing BluRays in bulk at .50 ea. Get in touch with us to learn more.

We will cover the cost of your inbound shipping to us and then reimburse ourselves out of the profit of the consigned inventory. If you’d prefer to split the cost of inbound shipping we can make arrangements to do that as well. Inbound shipping to Amazon is placed as an expense against the account and ultimately split 50-50 against the profits between your business and ours.

We have been FBA sellers for 5 years now and only working with media for 3 out of those 5 years. We understand what a clean disc looks like and what it takes to process items quickly. Our team is fine tuned for media because that is all that we deal with. Be sure to check out feedback from some of the other bulk sellers we work with. 

Most bulk sellers like to save time, we do too. For our bulk program we accept gaylords of material and do not require that you box or manifest your items. If you would like to box and manifest your items you can use our built in software for that. If you’re interested in boxing and manifesting please learn more by going to our Demo page.

Please check it out here. If you have any questions or contentions please let us know!

We put all of our items through Caleb Roth’s tracking spreadsheet. You’ll get a detailed accounting and report of what your sold inventory is every month. 

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