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The process is very simple and straightforward and our software is extremely user friendly. By watching our start up videos and reading through the training material you should become experts! However, should you have any follow up questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

By using us to list your items on Amazon you will able to reach more potential buyers for easier and faster sales! You simply send your items to us and we will do all the work from there! We will list, process, ship, and monitor the prices of your inventory to remain competitive with market prices. Then when your items sell we send you your profits!

At the end of each month we will run a report in our system for your individual SKU which tells us how many books you sold. We will then send you a check for 50% of the profit after related Amazon fees. We will also provide data complete with which item you sold and how much they sold for at the end of each month. Your inventory can take anywhere from one day to a year to sell. If your inventory does not sell in a year, Amazon will donate your inventory.

Anybody! Any library, bookstore, thrift store, or individual in need of an easy way to bring in revenue is eligible for our service. Once you have identified the books, CDs and DVDs as sellable, box them up and ship them to us. When the books arrive, we will list the inventory, clean any discs with our disc resurfacer, and send you monthly checks for your share of the sales revenue for any items you sold that month.

We accept any books, CDs, and DVDs, that are marked profitable over a set rate by our software. The tools we set you up with help identify which items are profitable and sell often and we take the guesswork out of the process.

Yes! Please forward our information to them if they did not receive an email or call. Any library branch can sign up and use our service. The funds generated will go to that individual library to help fund their programs.

The software we provide you will allow you to easily determine if a book, CD, or DVD is sellable. We also ask that you not send inventory in unacceptable condition. If you’re uncertain, we ask you not to send the media.

We accept  books, CDs, and DVDs that meet our profit and sales rank criteria. We accept all categories, genres, and bindings, including but not limited to:

  • Hardcover and Paperback Fiction and Non-Fiction
  • Textbooks, including international editions
  • Dictionaries and Thesauruses
  • Rare/Collectible
  • DVDs or audio books with library covers
  • Workbooks with no writing
  • Water-Damaged
  • Badly Stained
  • Moldy
  • Missing / unreadable pages or cover 
  • Incomplete volumes
  • ARC (Advance Reader Copies)
  • Counterfeit or otherwise illegal
  • DVDs and CDs with disks that are severely scratched (minor scratches are okay as we will use our resurfacer to clean all disks)
  • CDs without cover art
  • DVDs without the sleeve

You can send us inventory as often as you like! We would recommend you scan through any new inventory your organization receives and every time you have a box filled, send it to us!

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